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Otis taitt

I joined the army at age 19 which exposed me to constant training exercises at home and overseas. After serving on two operational tours I moved into physical training for other soldiers - keeping them functionally fit as well as showing them how to build and maintain athlete level fitness. Outside of coaching soldiers I have spent three years running bootcamps and group physical training sessions consisting of participants of mixed abilities - from absolute beginner to frequent attenders. I enjoy coaching at both ends of this spectrum, be it helping someone make their first steps towards a fitter and healthier life, to helping experts push their abilities beyond the max.


Through being trained myself and coaching others I have established a great foundation for conditioning in many sports, primarily boxing as well as strength training and fitness. I can advise on diet and calorific consumption and after almost a decade in the armed forces, I have trained people with all types of injuries and limitations meaning I can tailor sessions to benefit the individual in all cases.


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Otis taitt

Personal Trainer

City Athletic @ Sweatshop
6 Trump Street,

London EC2V 8AF

Tel: 020 7710 9231

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