Muscle growth

Muscle grows when it is under stress. This is known as adaption. In order to benefit from this stress you must keep the muscle under a constant state of hypertrophy. Learn more about the muscles and how they work right here.

Everyone knows what a muscle is, right? or do they? Muscles comprise the majority of our body weight, and are responsible for all body movement. In fact there are approximately 650 muscles in your body.

We know that muscles get bigger and stronger when put under stress, which is called adaption. This simply means that the muscle is preparing itself in case it's put under the same type of stress again.

An analogy is calluses on your hand, if you rub your hand on a course surface causing enough friction eventually the skin adapts by building up calluses, thus protecting itself from future happenings.

Muscle reacts much the same way, if you train them or put them under enough stress they will adapt to this stress by growing bigger and stronger. So the next time you train them they will be capable of handling this new level of stress. Now obviously that is a very basic explanation,


Okay, so now you have a basic understanding of muscle physiology, let's talk about how we make them grow! The enlargement of a muscle fibre is called hypertrophy. As I mentioned earlier muscle growth or hypertrophy is a result of adaption to a new stress placed upon the muscle.

So, what is the best form of stress? Well, there really is no single best principle that will work for every person. This is where the muscle fibre type distribution that you posses becomes important. If you train using appropriate methods based on your individual body type you will ultimately get faster results

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