What people have said...

“I have a long standing injury which not only did Otis take the time to research thoroughly, he also made sure I never do anything that may cause further damage.  Otis added some focus to my training, particularly around core stability and functional strength training. The sessions are really tailored and always evolving to keep it fresh and challenging. What I’ve discovered about Otis is that the trainers don’t just give you a programme, they look for precision in every movement to make sure you maximise your time in the gym, carefully teach technique, ensuring every movement in the gym is performed in the correct way and provide a whole education about lifestyle choices outside of your sessions – he is incredibly informative. I quickly benefited from his sessions seeing an increase in strength that I had been unable to achieve on my own in the gym. I thoroughly enjoyed training with Otis, his sessions were challenging but still really enjoyable. I highly recommend training with Otis whatever your fitness goals."

"I have always considered myself to be a fit individual, but wanted to take things to the next level and realise my full athletic potential.  After registering for an ironman I approached Otis to support me on my journey.  The benefits of having Otis as my coach were huge.  One thing that I liked was his all encompassing approach to my physical training plan, teaching me about nutrition, training adaptation and lifting techniques. From our time together, I have achieved a level of fitness which surpasses previous efforts and this is purely down to Otis.  I would recommend Otis to people who are looking for more than just a PT to motivate them in the gym, his knowledge, drive and passion are infectious and it has been a pleasure to have worked with him". 

"The first thing to say is that I loved every moment of training with Otis and under different circumstances I would have continued to train with him. 

I came to Otis having no upper body strength and having never used weights in a gym before. My aim was to hit 21 push ups in two minutes. Three months later I am regularly hitting above 30. I am also the proud owner of some beefy biceps. (Really wish I had before and after pics!)

 I have progressed more than I thought I would and it's all thanks to his well planned home and gym workouts, motivational talks and dedication to helping me achieve my goals. I really enjoyed that he switched up my training programme as I progressed- ensuring that my workouts were always challenging enough. Otis is also great at explaining the reasons behind doing certain exercises and how to maintain a good form to avoid injury. Thanks to him I now have the knowledge and confidence to train by myself. 

Otis isn't as scary as he looks either! He is a friendly and chatty trainer. 90 seconds rest without his funny comments and life stories feels like forever. 

As long as you put in the work, Otis will continue to work hard for you too. I promise you will leave his sessions with shakey limbs and a big smile on your face!"

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